Save Koloa Challenges Destruction

Last week I marched in solidarity at the Hapa Trail in Kōloa with my daughters, niece, sister-in-law, Kanaka Maoli, Kaua’i residents and activists from other islands. Kōloa has, once again, become ground zero in the continued fight against the desecration of native lands and ancestral burial grounds. Off-island, luxury developers continue to deny the cultural significance of the area, despite it being home to critically endangered species, heiau’s and known burial sites of iwi Kūpuna. What was once part of a complex and thriving ahupua’a agricultural system covering 1,000 acres, extending from Kōloa town to the shore, would now be completely unrecognizable to our ancestors.

If you have been following me here at ‘Āina Organics, you know that everything that I do is for my daughters. I want my girls to always think of me as a fiercely strong woman who stood on the right side of wrong, a woman who was unafraid to use her voice to evoke positive change, a woman that prioritizes the greater good and community values. My girls deserve better than this legacy of corporation at the expense of the community. They deserve a connection to ‘āina. They deserve a tangible connection to their heritage and culture.

Since the protest, blasting and collapsing of the lava tubes has been halted due to blatant misuse of grubbing and grading permits. While this is a significant win and a step in the right direction, the fight is far from over, as this battle will surely play out in court. Sadly, development and desecration across the Hawaiian islands will continue, and we must stay ready. We must continue to engage and activate at the community and civic level. We must demand the change we want to see. Our voices are more powerful together.

The following are some pages/organizations and that I use to stay connected:


I deeply appreciate the approachable content that these pages put out. They are very clear about their call(s) to action and the best ways to get involved by providing email addresses, letter templates and phone numbers. Drop your favorite resources below.

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