Learn how to choose the right CBD company for you.

With so much CBD on the market, it’s inevitable for quality to be compromised. That is why it’s important for you to do your homework, but I promise it won’t be hard! The FDA hasn’t regulated the industry completely, allowing brands to mislabel and misinform their users about what is truly in their products. This is unfortunate for the business, but there will always be bad apples. Hopefully, with these tips, I can help you know what to look for, when searching for a CBD company that suites you and your needs! 


First thing you want to look for is the company’s HEMP SOURCE. It matters what kind of soil the hemp is grown in and what farming methods are used. It literally starts from the soil. The hemp plant will absorb any type of toxins that are in the soil, so it’s important to check that the soil is being tested. You also want to make sure that the hemp plants are not being sprayed with pesticides or harsh chemicals. If a company does not share where they source their hemp from, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK.

*We source our hemp from a local farm on Kaua'i who is USDA certified organic.

 Second thing you want to look for is HOW THE HEMP IS EXTRACTED. A lot of companies are switching to safer practices like ethanol and C02 extraction. However, there are still many companies who are using a method known as hydrocarbon extraction. This means they are using butane or propane as their solvent which can become toxic if it’s not entirely evaporated from the end product. So if it is not stated, be sure find out because its an important one.

*Our CBD is processed on Kaua'i with organic cane ethanol.

Which leads us to the next thing to look for. QR CODES. Always check that the CBD product you are purchasing comes with a QR code that is linked to UPDATED lab reports. These labs usually test for things like potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and more. Do not purchase a product if they are not conducting third party lab testing.

*Grab our Revive CBD bottle and you will be able to scan our QR code that will link you directly to the lab report.

And lastly, let’s not forget about the OTHER INGREDIENTS. I know it might have taken you some time to get to this part, but don’t overlook it. Companies are diluting their products with so many other ingredients, it’s hard to know what’s actually doing the work. I’m a believer of less is more.

*In our Revive CBD bottle, the only other ingredient is Organics MCT oil. No flavors or additives.

Hope this helps you in making an educational decision on what brand you go for. If you learned something new, please share to help educate more.




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